Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Going camping or going to be outdoors with kids?  I just love when it gets so hot to hit the mountains because it is cooler and so beautiful.  This idea is nothing new but every time we do it, we discover new and exiting things.  I made this easy and fun scavenger hunt to do with the family. You can make teams or do it as individuals.  I decided to just have everyone pick 10 things to do on the list and then come back to camp.  It's not a race--everyone who does 10 things wins a prize.  Here is the document I did today. It's not fancy or beautiful just plain and simple Overly Scavenger Hunt and here is one I found that we did two years ago.  Camping Treasure Hunt.  Use it, change it for your family needs.  Go hit the trails.  Here are some of the ideas on the list:

  1. Find 4 pieces of human litter and put it in the trash or bring back to camp
  2. Find a dandelion and bring it to show the group
  3. Watch an animal eat
  4. Listen to a bird sing
  5. Listen to the water from a stream or creek for a few minutes without talking
  6. Find an insect and write what it is called on the back of your paper
  7. Feel the texture of three different kinds of trees
  8. Feel the texture of three different kinds of rocks bring back your favorite to camp
  9. Find an animal hole in the ground
  10. Watch a butterfly or moth fly