Friday, June 7, 2013

No Child Left Inside Week

Better vision is one of the rewards of kids’ playing outside. (
June 10-15, 2013 
This is the time to get outside.  I think it's kind of ironic because usually in June this is not a problem to get outside because it's such nice weather.  It would be awesome to have this week during a time when it's harder to get outside and you have to be creative to do things outside.  Anyways, get up and move outside.  The movement is to emphasis how important it is for children to learn and grow while in their outside environment.  I just love to go up in the mountains and breathe the fresh air, hear a musical river run, and feel the dirt and the sand in your hand.  If you live in Cache Valley there are events everyday of this week.  It is especially for elementary aged children. Click here: For a list of these activities 
Here are some simple ideas you can do with your kids to get outside:
Have a scavenger hunt at a park
Have a picnic at a local park or just in your own back yard
Go camping
Play Frizbee
Play catch
Go insect hunting
Take a walk to visit someone who is ill or elderly
Play catch with your dog
Play follow leader with your whole family and have each person choose a way to walk
Mother May I
Red Rover
Duck Duck Goose
Go weed your garden or a neighbors
Invite a friend and their kids to the park and have a playdate in the park
Grab a coin and take a walk-when you get to a corner flip a coin to see if you turn left or right see where you end up.