Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Homemade Lego Table

My boys are constantly playing with Lego's and they want to keep there creations in a place that won't be ruined so after seeing my brother in laws table they made for their son, we thought this would be a perfect birthday present.  This is easy to make and affordable!

1 used coffee table
4 large green base plates (10 inches by 10 inches)
Gorilla Glue

Directions:  Find a used table.  We got a used table from our local thrift store which cost us $15.  This was a really sturdy table with a few scratches.  Then I went to the lego.com store and bought four large green base plates which were 4.99 each.  I cleaned the table off, which included scraping off gum which had been stuck to the bottom of the table.  Yuck!  Then I glued with regular wood glue which worked but I think gorilla glue would work because it's much thicker.  Be sure not to put too much glue which will seep around the edges and sides.  Wallah there you have a table which will be used over and over.  My boys have a labyrinth maze they created yesterday that they were pretty excited about.

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