Thursday, April 12, 2012

Healthy ways to deal with Stress

So I don't drink, smoke, or drink caffine so what can I do to help me deal with the stress of life?  I had a friend ask me this the other day and it got me thinking.  Being a mom can be very stressful.  It's important to deal with the stress but in a healthy way so we can be on top of our game.  If we aren't then we aren't being the best for our kids. The hardest thing is to have the time to take to de-stress when you need it.  I know what I do but I would love some help here.  Please comment and share what you do to help when you are stressed.   I like this quote and completely agree.  You are never strong enough that you don't need help. –Cesar Chavez

  • Deep Breathing --This really works for me, just taking a few minutes to stop and think about your breath slows your heart rate and increases oxygen and can help you cope with what's going on right now
  • Music Listening
  • Progressive muscle relaxation
  • Massage-Even better if you give one to your spouse or child and then receive one back 
  • Hot Bath
  • Music Making-One of my favorite things to do is sit and play my favorite songs on the piano or guitar
  • Physical Exercise-Just taking a walk can really clear my head
  • Going outside-this can combine a few things listed above but sometimes just getting outside will help my mood
  • Doing something I enjoy like, reading a good book, watching a favorite show
  • Help someone else-service will help keep your mind off your own problems and lift your spirits
  • Pray
  • Read the Scriptures  
  • Take a Nap-Just a short nap can really help me
  • Call a friend
I found a really great article that if you would like to read more about dealing with stress in a healthy way click here.  

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