Tuesday, April 24, 2012

100 Day Contest

Do you have a habit that you would like to make?  Try starting a 100 day contest.  We were challenged by two of our music teachers to practice instruments for 100 days without missing one day.  This was tried last year but we missed a day and didn't get to the 100 days.  This year all the kids decided they wanted to make it.  This required much work from both kids and mom!  One night we got home late from visiting family and remembered we hadn't practiced so we did it before bed.  What made this successful?

1.  Had a great reward at the end of the contest
2.  All the kids wanted to do it and when they didn't want to practice we just had to remind them of how far they had come and what was at the end of the days
3.  Made a chart for them to track their progress
4.  Had a daily reminder on my calendar so it was on the fore front of my mind.
5.  Sunday's -we took a little break by doing recitals instead of full practice sessions

You could apply this to any habit you want your child to get better at such as:

  • Scripture Study
  • Prayer
  • Cleaning your Room
  • Brush Teeth

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