Saturday, April 7, 2012

Finding Time to Exercise

As a busy mom it can be really challenging to find time and energy to exercise.  Now that the weather where I live is getting nicer it's even easier to work in exercise time during the day.  Here is some things I have done to fit it in a busy schedule.

  • Going to the library, church, visiting a neighbor, keep the car in park and walk with your kids.  If you aren't going more then a mile this is easily done and a great way to get out and even save gas money
  • Going to Ball Practice for the kids?  If possible you could Bike or walk to practice and then once there,  walk around the park while they practice
  • Need to visit with a friend, suggest you take a walk while you talk
  • Got little ones that take naps?  Exercise while they are sleeping
  • Playing at the park with your kids, don't just sit there, get up and play with them
  • Got a long car drive, you can do Kegel exercises and stomach flexing while you drive (do it to the music you are listening to!
  • Shopping?  Don't take the closest parking spot, park as far as you can to get some extra steps in
  • Take the stairs (unless you have a stroller, that would be tricky =))
  • Want to watch your favorite TV show, set it up so you can walk or jog on your treadmill at the same time
  • Instead of movie night with the kids, go swimming with them, or play whiffle ball outside, or jump on the tramp with them.  
  • Do some dancing to music with the kids, use them as weights to lift while you lie on the floor
  • Use your spouse or friend as an exercise partner, it's so much more fun and motivating to do it with someone
  • Track your progress-This helps you be accountable.  You can track your weight, or/and how long you exercise everyday.  I notice when I stop tracking it, I get really lax.
  • Be patient with yourself and be creative in finding ways to add activity to your life

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