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Preparing for a New Baby

Preparing for a New Baby

Many mothers begin preparing for their babies soon after conception. The first few weeks are often filled with blissful daydreams of a precious babe sleeping soundly in his or her mother's arms. Soon after, reality sets in and moms start thinking about baby gear. After all the gear has been purchased, set up, washed and readied, many moms move on to other practical preparations. It's a good thing nature gives mothers nine months to prepare for a baby, because it gives mom plenty of time to get everything in order to ensure a smooth transition from hospital to home.

Before Baby

Before the baby arrives, it's important to think about who will help during the first few weeks. Newborn babies need lots of attention, even though they spend most of their time eating and sleeping. That means other children, meals, cleaning, and other commitments take a back burner to the newborn. Extra help within the house is very helpful. New moms shouldn’t say no if a friend or family member wants to come over to help take care of the home; it will allow mother to rest and bond with the new baby.

Eating healthy throughout the pregnancy is always focused on, but it is also important to continue those eating habits post-delivery. To do this, it is helpful to prepare several meals before the baby is born. Prepare casseroles or soups in bulk then freeze them for easy, fresh meals during the baby's first few weeks. It's important for breastfeeding moms especially to eat healthy foods to ensure proper milk supply.

Expectant mothers must also remember to relax before the birth. Having a baby brings big changes to the world of a mother. Take time before the baby comes to relax or do some favorite activities, because it might be a while before a new mother gets to do them again.

After the Birth

There are a few things mom can plan for immediately following delivery. If a woman plans on breastfeeding their newborn, attending a breastfeeding class and speaking to a lactation consultant are helpful to learn the finer points. If a mother is expecting a son, she may consider talking to her doctor about circumcision to see if it is something that she would like to have performed. Immediately following delivery, some mothers choose to have the umbilical cord blood collected for cord blood banking. Cord blood banking allows families to store their baby’s cord blood at a private facility, ultimately having access to a related source of stem cells.

Moms also need to make sure they have packed all the things the baby will need for the ride home. Items include a warm sleeper, car seat, and blanket or car seat cover. Depending on the season and the climate, moms should make sure they have everything necessary for a comfortable ride home.

New mothers should also think about themselves for that car ride home. Pack comfortable, loose clothing, and other toiletry items you might need during your brief hospital stay. It's normal to feel worn out after giving birth, and sometimes a little makeup and a cute shirt go a long way toward feeling "normal" again.

Most importantly, mom need to remember to take care of herself once the baby comes along; schedule time for a long bath, or quiet time alone for a few minutes each day. Giving birth takes its toll on a woman's body, causing great hormonal shifts as well as physical changes. Women need to treat themselves kindly for several days after giving birth. They should sleep often, rest, eat and, most importantly, bond with their newborn.  
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