Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Relishing the Joys of Motherhood

After a really hard day I find myself trying to focus on the joys of motherhood rather then the things that could make me go crazy.  Here are some things that are keeping me smiling tonight.

-Tucking my children in after they are asleep.  I just love to see their sweet faces.  This nightly ritual reminds me that they have divine worth and a heavenly father who is watching over us all.

-Baby kisses.  Those open mouth kisses are so sweet

-Catching your kids doing good when you are not around

-Hearing the sweet sounds of siblings in play

-Listening to my children read

-Hearing my older kids remind the younger ones of rules or helping them do something

-Seeing their dad play and laugh with them

These are some of the joys that I will relish forever.  What moments will always bring you joy?

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  1. Hugs Hugs Hugs. I love them. Especially when I'm leaving somewhere and my little two year old says "bye mom, love you" and gives me a hug. I too enjoy all the ones you mentioned on your list. I also think something that brings joy is hearing their little voices (not screaming of course) when they are so innocent in what they say. Somethings crack me up!


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