Thursday, June 24, 2010

Keeping Busy

So I haven't been posting as regularly because I've been working on my new project.  I have started a new preschool called Music Train Preschool.  This has been really fun but has taken quite a bit of my time organizing. I started a Music Train Preschool Blog which I will help me communicate with parents throughout the school year.  I will feature our weekly theme and give ideas that will help them reinforce the skills we learn in preschool.  I am really excited because I just filled my Tuesday and Thursday Class with the cutest kids.  I will only take six children per class.  This will help me give more individual attention to each student.  Music will be an integral part of our Preschool.  I will use music (singing, instrument playing, dancing, rhythm, and rhyme) to reinforce all the learning. It is something I know I will enjoy.  Most children I have interacted connect so fully with music.  The music helps engage and provide a whole learning experience.  Even though music will be a central part of the preschool experience I am planning a very well-rounded environment filled with, arts and crafts, reading, math, snacks, outside play, show and tell, field trips, free-play, and more.  My personal philosophy is Preschools primary importance is to prepare children for Kindergarten by providing an opportunity for children to interact nicely with other children their age, and learn how to be away from mom and dad and listen to another adult.  If they learn more then that then off course that is wonderful.  If you have any question or are interested in learning more please visit my blog at:  Even if you aren't signed up for Preschool you may find some of the posts interesting if you have a preschooler at home.


  1. Thats fun that your doing a preschool. How much are you charging? Did you have to get a business licence?

  2. I am charging $40 a month with a one time $25 registration fee. Yes I did get a business license.


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