Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Recipe Blogs and Website Links for Healthy Food

My awesome cousin Beth sent me these great website links for Healthy food.  She also has an awesome blog called Liz Eats Food that I think is fun.  Check it out!  Hope this helps.

"This is one I turn to often: www.heavenlyhomemakers.com  Laura is very good about the quality of food she buys and has a good balance of healthy and practical.  I get lost in her posts often because she is so inspirational.  :)

This one is a bit more "strict" on the kinds of food they eat: www.simplehealthytasty.com  Tammie's family doesn't eat diary or meat.  Everything else is as unprocessed as possible.  She was in my ward in Eagle Mountain.  When we changed our eating habits, I turned to her for guidance.  I learned so much from her and followed much of her advice for about 3 months.  We all felt SO good!!!  Then the holidays hit.

Since then I've had to really look at what will work for our family and feel that I've come to a good place.  Part of my problem was that we had a lot of food storage that didn't work with our new lifestyle.  Like white flour, sugar, white rice, etc.  So now I only buy items that work with our new habits, but to use the stuff in our storage I will mix it.  Like all the rice I made.  When I go to use it, I will use a bag of white and a bag of brown.  Same when I make bread or cook pasta.  So if you look at the recipes on my blog and see that I still use white flour or sugar, etc. that's why.  :)  I actually hate doing it, but I can't just throw it out.

Now when I find recipes, I just adapt them to our lifestyle.  Like this one: http://clawsonlive.blogspot.com  She has a lot of good recipes, I just tweek them.  I really like allrecipes.com as well.  Same idea though.  Adjust them to fit our needs.

I think following Tammie's recipes helped me see what "healthy" really was.  We don't eat a lot of processed food as it is, but cutting out and changing what we did was very cleansing.  Now I have a hard time eating foods that before didn't bother me at all.  And I see effects from food in my kids that I didn't see before either.  I'm glad though, because from what I learned it just helps me be more aware of what I am feeding my family.  So I am a lot more picky about the quality of the food I buy and the quantity in which I consume it.  I eat to live.  Not live to eat.

As I read back over this, it feels very vague.  But I don't want to put my personal beliefs and opinions in here too much and taint or sway your choices.  I am interested in hearing about what you decide to do though!  Oh yeah, go look up Tammie's green smoothies.  Delicious!  There is actually a Green Smoothie Girl, but I haven't found any of her recipes on her website.  So we make up our own."

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