Tuesday, June 5, 2012

An Eight cow woman deserves an Eight cow man

I got this great book from my Grandma Jean and my husband and I really liked it.  It talks about the important aspects of a trusting relationship.  Have you heard of the Johnny Lingo Story?  I remember watching the video in Sunday School when I was a girl.  Its a beautiful story.  This book takes that idea and makes the 8 cows that Johnny offers 8 essential qualities you need to have to make a strong relationship.  This book can be for married couples, dating or engaged couples, or someone single looking to start a good relationship.  The book is great but you can also get a start by going to the website and signing up for the 8 tips for a successful relationship.  You get one tip a day sent to your e-mail.
A strong relationship between husband and wife can really make your children feel secure, safe and happy. I really hope that for all children so lets all .   I don't think there is anyone that can say they have a perfect marriage.  But I believe we can always work to make our marriages better, how do we do that, we have to do it from within ourselves.  We are the only one that we can change!

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