Thursday, June 11, 2009

Summer Structure

For those of you who have children in school and now have all your children home everyday this can be a bit stressful to adjust to. One way we are surviving =) is to set us some structure. I sat down with my older children and asked them for some ideas of things they wanted to do regularly. This is what we ended up with.

Monday: Bookmobile Day and read aloud day & FHE
Tuesday: Scout and craft day
Wednesday: Water Day (two hours with swimsuits, sprinklers, water balloons etc.) - I really don't think it's modest to go all summer long in swimsuits. Not so great for their tender skins either. They really look forward to this day. This week it was raining so we had a fun bath time with toys.
Thursday: Library or Family Information and Resource Center (we alternate each week)
Friday: Field Day (parks, zoo, temple open house, museum, bus rides)

We also talked about how important it was for mom to have some quiet time and for them to take a break from the sun. So we set up a Quiet time from 12:30 - 1:00 where they get to read or do puzzles in their own room. (we use the spare room and mom and dad's room so they each get their own room) The nice thing is the half hour usually is much longer. They either get caught up in their books and puzzles or fall asleep for a much needed nap. I love it!
We also set up for the older kids a later bedtime as a reward. If they are done with chores they get their later bedtime.
We have had a great time so far with this schedule. The great thing is we get up in the morning and get our chores done so we can do these fun things in the afternoon. I will share with you next post the kids chore chart which has been awesome for me. They have been so helpful and our house has been pretty orderly.
The other benefit I 've seen so far is they really look forward to spending this time with the family and we really haven't spent all day with friends. I'm not opposed to this but I really like when the kids like to be together.
What do you most enjoy about summer? Any fun ideas to keep your kids learning, and having fun? Share Share Share.


  1. I deleted the post since no one replyed to it. If you did, sorry, I never saw it. As for summer stuff.... I don't have a set schedule. Mondays are my cleaning days and so the kids help with that. As for Tuesdays we go to the Library. For any days of the week they have to get their bedroom cleaned, make beds, and do their 20 minute reading before they can play. I haven't been as firm on this. Sometimes we get the reading done at night. I agree... I like to have the kids play with each other.

  2. Check out this fun list of things to do before the summer ends. Deonne shared this with me and there are some fun ideas!

  3. What a great summer schedule!


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