Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Check out the new look and Win a Prize!

I got a fun background from Leelou Blogs.--come over and check it out! She has some really cute templates. But it took me forever to get the layout fixed. I need some feedback on colors of text a layout. If you can't read it or if it gives you a headache please let me know, I would love some suggestions.
Also...I had a napping poll that was deleted with all the carryover. So if you could be so kind to vote again or vote for the first time that would be awesome. I only gave a week to respond because I wanted to do a post on Sunday about napping, and I'd love include your opinion. I have so much fun writing these posts and I hope you enjoy reading them. If you have any suggestions on topics or anything please comment below. Also if you have any friends, or family who loves children: invite them to read. The more the merrier, all of us benefit because we get more awesome ideas.

How do you keep up with your favorite blogs? I read all my blogs from igoogle. This is a customized homepage that you can add google reader to. Then you can subscribe to your favorite blogs and whola whenever something new is posted it shows up on your igoogle home page. The other great feature is if you are just swamped because it's been a while since you have checked it you can click mark all as read and bam-they all disappear. Has anyone figured out how to use NetworkedBlogs on Facebook? I haven't found an easy way to check if the blogs you are following have new posts. These are the only ways I know how to follow a blog. If you know of others please let it be known!

Last thing, On the main page of my blog on the right hand side is a place you can click to follow. You can do it through facebook or google or both. Right now there are only three people on the google friend connect (I'm one of them so there is really only two) and we are so lonely. So to encourage you to invite people to read this blog I'm going to give away an awesome prize. (I've seen other bloggers do prizes so here goes)
Here is how it works:
1. Sign yourself up as a reader for either or hopefully both google friend and facebook
2. Invite your friends and family to join (if you have questions on how to do this let me know)
3. Finally post a comment to this post by Saturday July 25th that you did the above requirements and how many friends you invited

By doing this you will get one entry into the contest. The most enthusiastic invitee (whoever invited the most friends) will get five additional entries in the contest. The prize is a book that I have featured on the blog. I will do the drawing and will have my husband pull a special name out of the hat and you will be notified as a winner! Your prize will be delivered to your home via mail next week! Have fun and Good Luck!


  1. Heather, I didn't vote in your nap poll because I think it really depends on the kid. Some children need more sleep than others, and some are ready to give up their nap earlier. What's true for one isn't necessarily true for all.

    We follow you on google reader, so even though we don't show up as followers, we're still reading.

  2. I agree with Bonnie. The age a nap is no longer needed is totally up to the individual child. I have twin four year olds. One still needs naps, the other does not.

  3. I just added the gagget in Blog to have the side bar with updated blogs. All I can say is all the blogging and facebooking is taking so much time. It's amazing how caught up you can get into it all.

  4. I'm a follower - on facebook and now on here as well. I like the new look. I follow the blogs I read by adding the "blog list" gadget on my own blog. It shows all your blogs and keeps track of when they were updated last and lists them that way. I just invited 25 friends to check out your blog by sending them an email. I really do enjoy your insights of parenting!

  5. I agree with Bonnie and Alisha about naps. There should have been a listing on the poll that said it depends on the child. =) More on that later. And wow Jeana- 25 friends! That is awesome thanks.


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