Friday, September 11, 2009

Breakfast-Most important meal of the day

So I really am not obsessed with food but it seems like a lot of my posts lately have been about mealtime and eating. Here is one more. A while ago I was tired of thinking so early in the morning.....What should we have for breakfast. The kids unceasingly choose cold cereal. I can only handle so much cold cereal, plus I don't really it's that great nutritionally. I was also tired of complaining from the kids so Devin and I decided to make a breakfast schedule. Now we don't have any morning meal crisis because everyone knows what we are having and yes they will get their sugar cereal every Saturday morning. Here is our breakfast schedule:

Monday: Hot Cereal (oatmeal, cream of wheat, cracked wheat, or rice pudding)
Tuesday: Eggs (we vary from scrambled with toast, ostrich eggs, and fried)
Wed: Cold Cereal
Thursday: Hot Cereal
Friday: Pancakes/waffles/ or french toast
Saturday: Sugar Cereal
Sunday: Family Choice
(With every breakfast everyone gets one glass of juice with their daily vitamin-this is the only time in the day we allow a glass of juice so this is really special! =))

This has really helped us get up and my kids set the table in the morning so they look up to see what is for breakfast and they set the table accordingly. The morning is still crazy but this is one less thing to worry about.
Do you have any fun breakfasts you kids just love? Please share!


  1. Heather,
    We have egg and cheese quesadilla's for breakfast, or breakfast burrito's.
    Brandy Johnson

  2. We like breakfast burritos too. We also do muffins and fruit, German Pancakes and egg sandwiches. I too think Breakfast is really important. I try to do three days a week of warm breakfast foods. What is strange is that my kids would take cold cereal over a warm meal anyday. My Mom made breakfast for Christmas and the first day of school and that was it. I would have loved having a warm breakfast more than twice a year ha ha. I remember making myself toad in a hole in Highschool. (atleast thats what we called it) We had a hole cut out of a piece of bread. Buttered it and fried it with an egg in the middle. Of course we sometimes have the unhealthy breakfast of cinnamon rolls or donuts.

  3. Thanks for this great idea of a weekly breakfast menu. Our family has adopted it and everyone (especially Scott) has enjoyed it. We love having crepes with strawberries and whipped cream Saturday mornings. Even the kids eat them!

  4. Brittany-I'm so glad you like it. I need to write down crepes--I love those too but I forget about them.
    Brandy-I love breakfast burritos-I need to put that on an egg day once and awhile.
    Sandra-I love your name for Toad in a hole-we love these too. I call them ostrich eggs.
    Thanks for all your ideas!!

  5. Charity said...
    Breakfast is the one meal (during the school year) that I actually feel that we do right. I really enjoy that we are up early and we eat together as a family. We try to do the same with dinner but it is just not as consistent as breakfast. It is smart for you to have a rotation I usually just listen to request for breakfast and then decide what to make. They are really good to ask for different things so that we do get a variety. My favorite thing for breakfast is that on most mornings we will make a fruit or green drink. This way not only do I feel like they are getting a good breakfast but they are also getting some fruits and vegetables. I hate to say it but the blender Derek gave me for breakfast that one year has been the best gift ever, even though I gave him a hard time about it.


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