Sunday, September 13, 2009

Tooth Fairy Poll Results: new poll

How much does your child's tooth fairy bring?
Total votes 13
25 cents or less 1 vote 7%
between 25 and 50 cents 2 votes 15%
Between 50 cents and $1 7 votes 53%
More then $1 1 vote 7%
We don't believe in the tooth fairy 2 votes 15%

I thought this would be a fun survey because it seems like our tooth fairy is visiting quite regularly and I wondered how much other tooth fairy's give. Very interesting. After putting in the results though I can see how the categories are pretty confusing-sorry about that. I'll work being more clear. I wonder what you do with the teeth if you don't believe in the tooth fairy?

The last tooth that our son lost he put his tooth under his pillow and the tooth fairy didn't come. He was so upset. We told him maybe he needed to put it in an envelope so the fairy could find it more easily. Well the second night still the tooth fairy didn't come. So we suggested he label the envelope with "Traedens Tooth" It worked! The tooth fairy found it. (Devin and I had such a busy week and were so exhausted that we had forgotten!) Do you have similar experiences?
side note: We have been reading Fablehaven to the family and their are great stories of Fairy's in there. I think fairy's are pretty cool. If you have older children I would highly recommend this as a family read.
This next poll is inspired by the numerous choices of lessons and activities your children can be involved in. We have only just begun with our children being involved with extra curricular activities for our kids. What activities do you feel is the most important in developing talents and life skills. You can vote for two on this poll. Swimming lessons, music lessons, sports, scouts, dancing, 4-H. What activities do you think will help your children the most in life. Are there some that are better done at home? Time and money constrains us to pick and choose. And when you have two activities in one day what do you choose? I'm still formulating my opinions and would love your input via comments and voting.


  1. We have almost forgotten a couple times. Luckily we remember either really early in the morning or just as we get in bed. As for the activities, I would put job/employment first, how nice if they could make money ha ha. Seriously though, I think church stuff is up there. Piano I'm teaching at home and I don't plan on putting them in every sport. They need to pick their favorite ones. It would get too expensive to put them in everything they want and stressful. To put the kids in swimming lessons it was like 135 bucks OUCH So of course we only did one session. Wow sorry, I didn't mean to blab on. I'll go vote now.

  2. What are the most important extracurricular activities? That is a very good question. Even though I am not there yet with my own children, I do believe you should not get your kids too involved. There still needs to be time for family. And I don't think there is one answer. I believe that a child should find what their interest and passion is and develop that. That may mean you try different things, but you don't have to do them all. And I really don't think you should force a particular activity on your child just because you enjoy it.

  3. When I was a child (old enough to know about the tooth fairy) one of my little sisters woke up one morning so excited because the tooth fairy had left her a five dollar bill! My mom looked at my dad with an expression of "What?!" He said, "Wow five dollars, usually she only leave one." It was so funny for us older kids that our dad accidentally gave her a 5 dollar bill instead of a one. I think music lessons are important because so many times I've been able to use my talent with the piano in church I want my kids to be able to do something like that too. I also like the idea of a physical activity, (sport or individual) to keep kids active.

  4. Brittany-what a cute story. That made me chuckle. That is one rich fairy!
    Sandra-you are right, swim lessons are really expensive. We are doing them right now and I could only have the two older ones do one session. I wish I was more confident in my own abilities and I would teach my kids but I also don't have a swimming pool so that really wouldn't work. I better stick with the lesson.
    Jeana I totally agree that it really should depend on the kid. You should respect there interests and likes. One thing I really feel strong about is if a child really wants to develop a talent and you sign them up for lessons, they need to stick with it even if it gets tough. Every lesson is going to get difficult and if they say I want to quit when it gets tough that isn't helping them learn to keep working at it.


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