Friday, January 22, 2010

Reading great books to our children

I was so grateful for many other mom's who told me when I was expecting to build in reading to my first baby from day one. I took it to heart and I would read out loud to my baby when I was nursing. I also got some really fun board books as baby gifts that I would read while he sat on my lap. Somedays we could read one page, and other days we could read the whole book. But I found that if I didn't include it in the regular schedule it didn't happen. So I started reading a book before every nap and before going to bed at night. It became and still is one of my favorite time of the day. When I have more then one child who is getting ready for bed or nap time I like to let each one choose a story to read.
We don't own a ton of books but they sure get used. Part of the fun is reading a book over and over. Repetition is so good. It's fun to stop reading and have them fill in the blank, I'm surprised how much they remember.
The other thing I think is really important is having a routine of going to the library. It not only saves you money by not paying any late fees but it also is something your child will look forward to. I don't think you have to have a huge library to experience benefits from going to the library. Just by allowing your children to have the choice to pick a number of books give them some control over their environment. They are so use to having us tell them when to go to bed, what to eat, where we are going, etc. it's so healthy to give them opportunities where they get to chose.
I like to look for books that emphasis things I'm trying to teach my children. When they are learning to potty train we get books about going potty, and when we are learning about respecting others or obeying I find books that will help discuss this.
I'm sure you all know that reading has so many proven benefits to children. Without making it a priority it's sure easier said then done. Benefits I have seen from reading to my children:
1. Providing physical closeness and cuddling
2. Gives them opportunity for healthy choices
3. Develops the love of reading
4. Helps them to start recognizing words, letter for reading readiness
5. Provides learning opportunities
What ways have you noticed reading helps your kids? I'm sure we could get a top ten list.
Also where and when do you like to read to your kids?


  1. Just added a poll about reading, thanks for participating!

  2. I love the library! Jacob is in his first session of story time with Luke. It's nice to go around to find books with just BriLynn. One thing we have started doing is reading the book before they can watch the movie. Andrew has been so anxious to watch Prince Caspian so he asks when we can read more (which is so nice to hear) I'm surprised how even Jacob and Luke sit while we read it.

  3. Sandra's comment reminded me that Devin made a similar rule. If the kids want to see a movie that comes out and it is based on a book they have to read the book before they can see the movie. If they are not old enough to read the book then they can't watch the movie. This only is for PG movies. I like reading the book as a family for G movies that is a great idea.


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