Thursday, April 1, 2010

Conference Games

I'm looking forward to conference this weekend.  There are things we can do before conference to help make this special weekend a good experience for the whole family.  Here is some ideas:

  • Have some quiet activities ready that will help keep interested.  

Some I thought of...Puzzles, play dough, coloring, The Friend Magazine,
Just keeping your kids quiet while you try to hear conference can be a chore.  My mom just told me the website has a resource for parents for conference games and activities. Visit this website at:  I think this is new.  I really like the conference bingo because it has seven different bingo sheets so everyone doesn't get bingo at the same time.  There is also some online matching games to familiar your children to the prophets and apostles.

  • One thing our extended family has done for years that helps everyone is to share with each other our favorite talk, or thought that you got out of conference.  Many tears has been shed as we share with each other our testimonies and things that touched us.  
  • Taking a break in between conference to help get wiggles out is really important.  Go for a walk, stretch, anything that helps change the scenery will help.  In Logan we might be shoveling snow in between conference, who knows.  

I would love some more ideas.  What do you do to help make conference special in your homes?


  1. We usually do the conference packets too. I have to go through and take out the ones that are for older kids. They really liked doing the Bingo last year. When I was growing up my parents just made us sit through one session. They didn't care which one but we only had to do one. We have pondered since the little ones have little attention spans if we should do that with them. I think Danika can listen through them all. She may not get a lot from it but at least she will get used to it and know thats whats expected. Kevins Family has a FHE Sunday night and we do the same thing of saying what we learned from Conference. I'm so excited. I love to have Kevin home all day :) I love to learn more of what we are to do. Have a great Easter/Conference weekend!

  2. also has some great ideas and packets for conference. Now a days I just feel lucky to get through without having to change a diaper. =) Oh, those were the good old days that I am sooo glad to be out of. Happy Easter!

  3. I also wanted to share something I forgot to cousin builds a tent and the kids get all excited to watch conference through a tent. It's to represent turning the tents to the temple. Listening to the prophet (listening to King Benjamin). Then this year we are also having the kids pick a word. Whenever they hear this word they have to stand up and turn around. This will keep us up too :) Anyway, I just wanted that with you.

  4. Sandra, What a fun idea with the tents. And the word idea is a great idea! Next time I'll have to try that out.

  5. Shanell I'm glad you reminded me about It is an awesome site and I since I'm not in Primary anymore I forgot about it.


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