Friday, October 1, 2010

Couldn't even see the floor!

Is your kids room this messy?  I really don't think my kids have had it messier.  We had so many clothes and toys on the floor I could barely get in the doorway.  I ignored it this week and then today I said "Enough! We have to do something about this!"  So we (I helped) set a timer for 30 minutes and started cleaning.  We even cleaned out drawers because they were all disorganized.  When the time rang we only had a little bit left on the floor and it was so great.  I knew if I didn't help them it wouldn't get done, or it would take them all afternoon, and we had soccer practice to get to.  
Any ideas to teach cleanliness without you being the one to always do it?  I don't want to raise a slob.  I hope my boys will be a blessing to their wives by being clean and already in the habit of cleaning up after themselves.  One idea I heard from my boys friend is he doesn't get breakfast until his room is clean.  I'm thinking that would be a good idea.  My boys are very into food so that may work.  It's so much easier to get it done in the morning too and then just keep it clean.  Any other things that have worked for you?


  1. We have daily chores and one of those is to keep rooms picked up. I don't like to have clothes left on the floor and their beds have to be made. They can't play games or play with friends until it's done. They also get a mommy and daddy buck for doing their chores and that is another incentive.

  2. My kids have to have everything cleaned up before dinner. If it is not done by the time we pray, no dinner. It helped to get things done before we're rushing around at bedtime. I give a countdown to dinner, so there's no shock when we sit down to eat. It usually takes once and then they know you mean business. They can't have privileges like computer time unless their room are picked up.

  3. I love these ideas Sandra and Diana!! Thanks a bunch! You've inspired me to stick to it.


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