Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Wishing only wounds the heart

Don't dream too far, Don't lose sight of who you are...(Words from "I'm Not that Girl")
This really sad song from "Wicked" has a very melancholy melody and theme.  The message I take from it may be a bit unconventional.  Sometimes I find myself wishing today away.

Oh I wish I had my degree already and wasn't in school, it's just so hard.  Or, I wish my baby would sleep through the night, I'm so tired.  I'm so bored, I've already cleaned my house today, my baby is sleeping, I'm so lonely.  Or I wish we didn't have to buy diapers anymore.  
All of these things I know I have said before, and maybe you are saying them now. But we all someday will get to a place where we look back and want those times back or wish we would have treasured that time more.  I think of my brother who is out of state and wishing he was closer to family, just like I wish he was closer to us, but how could we both enjoy these times we are in right now! I think there are several things we can do:
1. Count you blessing: Look at today, and find everything you can that is great. This really helps me realize I do have many things to smile about, (well someday's it maybe only one, but finding one is important!)
2.  Journaling:  Put your thoughts and feelings in writing and take time to remember yesterday--this helps me keep life in perspective
3.  Take one day at a time:  Don't get caught up in getting so busy that we can't enjoy today--(I'm preaching to myself on this one!)
4.  Serve--However busy you are or how much you really don't feel like serving anyone, it will change you for the better in every case.  As you serve your life is lifted to new heights and not just you but others around you are changed.  Your children will catch it.  I know my mom serving others has made me look outside of myself because she did the same.
5.  Take time to meditate--A quiet minute might be all you have but take time to mediate or pray.  Don't lose sight of who you really are.  You are so much more.

I would love to hear your ideas of things you do to keep today beautiful and not just wish it away.

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  1. I identify with the title of this article and beleive it is true. Wishing only wounds the heart. If our thoughts had a filing system "wishing" might fall into the "Helplessness" category if we're not careful. It's essential to have dreams and goals that are beyond ourselves to make us stretch, but the kind of wishing that makes us a victim of circumstances will only cause us grief. I really like Stephen Covey's idea of the "Circle of Influence" - basically that there are things we have influence over and things that we don't, and recognizing it can help us to let go of our unhealthy wishing, but also can help us to realize what is within our power to change or influence, which can be empowering. Gratitude is the greatest help for me to realize the beauty of today. Focussing on relationships is another one. Another help is having worthwhile goals, projects, and happy activities to look forward to, ways to better myself and and help my family, which keeps me focussed on how today is essential because tomorrow comes so soon.


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