Sunday, November 21, 2010

Free Christmas Music

My husband has a hard time waiting till after Thanksgiving to play Christmas songs.  Especially if it starts snowing, he gets the tunes going. I love Christmas music so I can't really complain too much.  Yesterday, he was looking up something on and found a whole album of children's Christmas music for FREE!  The kids love Veggie Tales and this album was pretty funny.  The Album is called Singing Christmas Tree and it was really easy to download and it went right into our i-Tunes library of songs.  Here is the link.  We also found several other songs and albums for free as well.  Sometimes an artist will give one song for free to get a taste of their music.  I thought this was way cool!  Have a great holiday!

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  1. Another friend had posted on her blog about that. I checked it out but sad to say the songs annoyed me. Even though my kids like veggie tales I don't know if I could handle it ha ha.


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