Sunday, December 5, 2010

Utah Upstart-At Home Preschool Program

My daughter was chosen to participate in this years Utah Upstart, At Home Preschool Program.  We have been using the software for about 3 weeks.  She absolutely loves it and is learning so much.  I think this program is amazing.  She is learning her ABC, pre-reading skills, how to spell her name, numbers, and science.  I would highly recommend anyone to it.  The program is designed to track the progress of the child and give specific activities that the child needs to learn all the letters and other kindergarten readiness skills.   The great thing is it's funded by grants so it cost nothing to participate.  Also there are some who were selected to participate who didn't have a computer who will get a computer to use while in the program.  It is hard to get in the program because the demand is high and the funds can't compete.  But it would be worth it to try so follow this link to pre-register.  Have you heard of this program before, or has any of your children used the program before?  What did you think?

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  1. Beth Said "Daphne did it last year. I loved it so much I bought the lifetime membership!! Now all my kids can use it! Thinking about homeschooling next year. This will definitely come in handy" On facebook


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