Saturday, June 25, 2011

Encouraging Culture --Noon Music-2011

Every day but Sundays this summer at Logan High School Auditorium will be Free Concerts at Noon.  Usually the concerts are held in the Logan Tabernacle but because of construction they have been moved to the High school.
The kids and I went to one a couple weeks ago and had a great time.  We were listening to Fry Street Quartet and it was amazing!  The greatest thing is we didn't have to leave half-way through the concert like we have in the past.  Most likely it's because, my kids are getting older.  I'd like to think it was because they are amazing children but really it's hit and miss.  This time we were lucky enough to sit through a whole concert.  It also helped that it was only 45 minutes long.  During a very beautiful peice my 8 year old turned to me and whispered, "How was God Created."  We then had a quiet conversation about God and creation.  What a sweet experience it was for me.  I believe it was the music that created a space for him to contemplate.  It was a priceless moment I will remember for a long time.  I was so grateful for this opportunity to share this with my children.
For a full schedule of concerts please visit:
These are not more then an hour and will all be very good.  Every Monday is the Utah Festival Opera Company.  My sons piano teacher will be playing July 8th so we will for sure go to this one.  I always love to hear the Lightwood Duo and they are on Aug 3rd.
Concert Etiquette is very important to show respect to the performers and to the audience members. Here is a few ideas that can help.

  • I always talk to my children about how we need to remain seated and sit quietly.  
  • If they need to talk it needs to be a whisper.  
  • Clapping should be held until all movements of a piece is complete (if you watch the performers and or the conductor, you can really tell when it's time to clap)  
  • I like to point out things during the concert I think might be interesting, (like "watch that guy really get into the music", or "Wow this is a scary part of the song")
  • Bribery is great in these situations.  We always get a little treat to the kids after a concert.  Sometimes we have to remind them during the concert that if they don't stay quiet they won't be able to get a treat with the family.  It usually takes only one reminder and then they are quiet again.  
  • Don't feel bad if you can't stay for the whole concert, if you can see your kids getting restless, don't be afraid to tell them, "You have been doing so great but I think we need to go after this song"  Only you know how much they can handle and you might just want to start with half a concert and then work up from there.
  • If you have small children, sit close to an exit so you can escape quickly when they fuss

Hope you find some culture this summer.  If you hear of a great concert or event please share in comments so more can enjoy it!

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  1. Thanks for the info! My kids really enjoyed it last summer.


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