Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Reading this summer!

Have you been to your Library or Bookmobile lately.  This is when all the Summer Reading Programs are in full sweep.  Every library I have been to does some kind of reading program to encourage children and adults to read.  Our family looks forward to this every summer.  Besides the library program the governor has a challenge as well.  We got copies of this program from our library.  If you read 20 minutes a day then you qualify to get a free kids meal at McDonald's.  This program has such fun ideas on the calendar to encourage more reading and learning.  Here is a link to get the Governor's 2011 Summer Reading Challenge
We do our reading in the afternoon when it's super hot outside.  We take at least an hour break where the younger kids read with mom and then take a nap and then my older kids have quiet time where they read on their own.  It doesn't really matter when or where but challenge yourself and your kids to find the time to read this summer.


  1. Reading is a requirement before my kids can play on the computer. We have a sign that says "Can I play?"
    Are chores done?
    Reading done?
    Bed made?
    Room Clean?
    If all done then YES
    That way they don't have to ask me if they can play. The catch is, if it's not and they start playing they loose game time completely. I love that they give out free kids meals.
    The Library in Logan gave free kids meals to Burger King for signing up for their reading program. The Burger King and McDonalds coupons cover Wyoming and Colorado too so we use them on our trips to Missouri. Saves us a lot!!!

  2. This is so great Sandra. I love the visual reminder idea. Got to love those coupons! It's so great you can use them on trips.


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