Sunday, July 8, 2012

Encompass Family Camp-Camp Bartlett

Canoeing on Family Night
Dad in his uniform with his girls

We just had the most incredible family experience!  Have you ever heard of Encompass Family Camp?  I hadn't before this year but it was amazing.  My hubby did the scout training, Woodbadge.  You can do woodbadge at many different camps but we decided to all go up to camp with him.  He was busy with classes for the majority of the days and nights but we ate most meals with him and he slept every night in our tent but one night he had with his woodbadge fellows.  Camp started Monday Morning and ended Saturday Afternoon.  This was a long time to be away from home and it felt like we left the world for a while and now we are trying to catch up with the swirling world around us.
While he was being trained on being a good leader all of us were busy with our own groups.  They had age appropriate activities with several leaders for each age group.  As a spouse, I even had my own group and we got to participate as well.  Some of the fun things we did was:
Horseback riding, Rappelling at the Paris Ice Caves, Shot gun shooting, Rifile Shooting, Archery, River Rafting, Several arts and crafts projects, games, singing, Angry Bird shooting, Hiking, Face painting, movie night, swimming, canoeing, boating and more.
All my kids want to go back next year because they enjoyed it so much.  What I loved is meals were provided so I didn't have to worry about bringing 7 days of meals, clean up, and prep work.  I made some incredible friends with other moms and dads who were in the spouse group because we had so much in common.  Because all my kids were with their groups having experiences it allowed me the freedom to also enjoy the experiences with the spouces group.  The Camp Bartlett Staff was amazing.  These teenagers know how to work hard, be leaders, interact with other people, and have tons of fun without electronics.  My boys want to go back again as staff someday.  I would be totally supportive of it.  You don't get a ton of money but it's the character building you come back that is the payoff.
Peanut loved her leaders, they were so sweet to her and every time she saw them around camp she ran up to say hi.  Pumpkins favorite experience was seeing a squirrel being chased by a deer on the trail.  Pickles favorite experience was shooting the bow and arrow.  Popcorn wants to do NYLT when he is a little older.  Both of my scouts passed off numerous (months worth) of scout requirements!  The family memories and friends we made will stay with us forever!  Someday I'll have to have my hubby tell about his amazing experience in Woodbadge.


  1. My husband just got back from University of Scouting and is all enthused to go to the family woodbadge camp in July. Here are my concerns and I'd like your feedback. (1)I'm worried that we won't really have a family vacation if everyone is off doing their own things. Did you feel like you had enough time together as a family? (2)I'm not too worried about my 8-year-old and 6-year-old, but I have a shy 4-year-old, one that will be 2 who does not like to be dropped off with different people, and twin 8-month-olds. Is it crazy to even try to take them all? (3) I'm also worried about camping out with all these little ones, but I think you went to a different camp than we will so you may not have much feedback on that. We would be going to Camp Hinckley. Apparently, it's new. Thank you for your response if you have time.

    1. I would think you could do it with your older three children and enjoy the week but with your twins being as young as they are I think that would be very difficult. Part of the great thing with family camp is being able to participate with the other spouses that are in the group and I think you would need to stay back in camp with your twins for naps. Your husband will not be with you very much at all. He will even do an overnighter one night. They eat breakfast and dinner with you and a seldom lunch. They also do have Monday off for family time but you see him more going to camp then staying at home while he is doing the training. Another thought is have him get Woodbridge without the family this year and then your family could go back in a few years as staff when your twins are a bit older, that would be my suggestion. Good luck with your decision!


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