Monday, July 2, 2012

Ipad for Education Only

I have been enjoying my new I pad that my hubby got me for mother's day.  The rule on my I pad is only educational apps can be added to it.  If a game was on their that wasn't educational, then guess what game the kids would be playing when you asked them to practice their spelling.
So we really didn't get to use it all that much before school got out but the time we did was amazing.  It made spelling test practice so much easier.  I have some really fun Apps that I researched before purchasing and I have really enjoyed.  I would also appreciate anyone who finds other great apps (that is educational of course) and could share.

Math:  Math Ninja-Great game!  Free but we bought the upgrade because it was so great.  The kids love to play it and it quizzes them on math facts before they can go to the next level.  Does subtraction, addition, multiplication, and division.  My 11 year old has got past level 19 and he said it was too easy but it has been great for my 9 and 6 year old.

Spelling:  Spellosaur-  $3.99--Worth every penny!  I can't say enough about this app.  I love it!  You can enter in your spelling lists, record your voice or use the programmers voice.  We use this for phonograms for our Kindergartner as well. It helped all our kids get so much better grades in spelling for the last month of school.  I'm excited to use it all year next year.

Music:  My Note Games-  OK this was the most expensive app I have bought so far.  It has also been worth every penny.  I got this game because our flute teacher highly recommended it.  It has been so good for all our kids' note reading.  You can play different instruments and set up multiple students on it.  It tracks their progress and tests them according to their level.  You can even do voice.  It has been amazing!  I would recommend getting all the entire game package.

Flashnote Derby- This is another note reading game.  You can select as many notes as the student can do.  It's fun and challenging.  Horse racing--I think it's just cute!

If you are interested in other music games check out Rebecca's App Reviews at:  She does a great job at reviewing music games.

If you are interested in more educational games:  Check out

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