Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Homemade School Lunch

Two different ice packs.  The turtle I got at All a Dollar.
This was my neighbors awesome lunch! 

Pudding not recommended.  It worked in one but in my sons lunch it exploded into the other compartments.  
My neighbor sent her boy over with his lunch and I just loved his compact lunch.  I took a picture and went online to find these great containers.  They are made by Ziplock and work perfect for my kids' school lunch.  One compartment is perfect for their sandwich and then two compartments for sides.  You have to be careful with liquid because they are not perfectly air tight and I had pudding get all over once so I wouldn't recommend pudding or jello.  These Ziplock containers have fit perfectly in the rectangle lunch boxes.  I got mine online at  I try to make my kid's lunch simple and healthy.  It can be a challenge to keep things fresh until lunch so I try to put an ice pack to help keep it cool.  If you have any great tips or ideas for me.  I would love that!


  1. Put a square of glad press and seal across the compartment with the jello or pudding. I just bought some containers at Walmart that have a compartment on bottom for sandwich then an ice pack shelf with two small lidded containers on top. It fits great in our lunch bags from Children's Place we got for $4.

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  3. I just researched the set I bought a bit more (Lunch on the Go brand) and it has poor reviews for not warping in the dishwasher. Curious where you got your rectangular lunch bags to fit these Ziploc containers.

  4. Thanks Alisha, I will try that glad press and see how that works. I wash mine my hand so they don't warp the lid. The lunch boxes I got were at Shopko and at Kmart.

  5. Alisha I'm looking at the lunch on the go and they do look great. Did you get yours online or at a store?


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