Saturday, August 22, 2009

Dinner Conversation

Family meals are so important to keep families connected. One thing I found hard, was to let everyone, even the young ones, feel part of the conversation. So I started something that all the kids love. After we get everyone served we go around the table and share "the best and worse thing of our day." This really has been fun to see what the kids remember. It's cute when the kids say, "The best thing is ...... and my day was so great I didn't have any worse things." All the kids like to have a turn to share something. It really makes them feel special. What has helped your mealtimes a time you can enjoy as well as your children?


  1. We do the same with letting all the kids have their time to talk but I really like your idea about having them share the best and worse thing.

  2. We have done this, but lately the kids just seem to have plenty of questions. Last night we talked about cell division and the kids were so into it that we ended up looking up videos on Youtube to help illustrate what we were talking about. I love Youtube!

  3. Wow your dinner conversations are much more intellectual then ours =)


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