Sunday, August 2, 2009

Mommy and Daddy Dates

I remember growing up my parents making an effort to having one on one time with us. These "dates" with mom and dad were some of my favorite memories as a child. Their is something special about being with my parents one-on-one. I think I felt closer and more willing to share my feelings when I was a teenager because of this effort. Because of this I really want to do the same for my kids.
My husband decided that each month we would alternate with the children in having dates. This is how our schedule works for three children:
August--Dad goes on a date with Child #1 and Child #3 Mom goes on a date with child #2
September--Mom goes on date with Child #1 and Child #3 Dad goes on a date with child #2
This way each child has a date each month.
We set up a schedule and write it on the calendar so we wouldn't forget. Well, we did good for awhile and then things got crazy and we forgot about it. So now that school is going to be starting again in a few weeks we are going to set up another date schedule and commit to do it.
Once our kids our age three they are old enough to go on dates with mom and dad. The child gets to help plan the date. We plan dates that require little or no money, which helps our tight budget and allows us to be more creative.
Some of the activities they have chosen have been: Playing ball at the park with Dad, Riding bikes, Playing a board game, Going to the library and playing a computer game.
I'm so grateful for the individual differences each of the children have and having one on one time really helps me show them I value them as an individual. I'm recommitting to doing better at doing daddy and mommy dates with our kids. Have you tried dates with your kids? What works for you? What have been your favorite dates?


  1. We do the dates too although we have them earn them. The daddy and mommy buck system we have going on his how they earn them. We let them choose also what we do (within reason). It was good to see you guys this last weekend.

  2. We do 1 date a month and have a $25 budget. With 5 kids (almost 6) and very busy church callings/lives it's impossible for us to do them all in one month so we rotate. We wait until they are 5 so we are only currently rotating with 3 of them. Dad does #1 in June, Mom does #2 in July, Dad does #3 in Aug., Mom does does #1 in Sept..... etc. We'll have to alter the schedule a bit as the kids get older but for now they all really look forward to it. It's usually cheap stuff too - we keep our eyes out for some good coupons so we always stay in budget... the kids help plan too - I think it's good for them from a "learning how to budget" perspective as well.

  3. The Fam-Thanks for your great ideas. I think once your kids get older and more involved with activities it will be more realistic to have a rotation like this. I like your budget idea as well.

  4. Hey I just came across this blog from fb, and have to tell you that you are sooooo wonderful! I could spend hours reading this! We also do dates with Jade and Jordyn. We dedicate thursday nights for dates. The 1st thursday we go as a couple and then 2nd we each take a child and then the 3rd we have a couple date and since we only have 2 that are old enough we switch kiddos. Jade never lets us forget her dates she is at the age where I think it is very important for her, since she started going to school we just don't get as much time with her!


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