Sunday, August 9, 2009

Super Baby Food

When my oldest child was about to start eating solids I was so clueless as to what food was best to start with. How long till I started another food etc. etc. I was frustrated with how little information the doctor office gives. I really wanted to avoid any food allergies. So I did some searching for a book or literature about baby food. I found the best book called, Super Baby Food by Ruth Yaron. It was exactly what I was looking for. It teaches you how to make your own baby food (which is so much cheaper), what foods are best to start with and which foods you can introduce month by month. I love love it! I don't do everything she suggests. Some of the foods she lists are just not available or in my mind edible so I skip over these things. She has a great section on Yogurt making which is very basic and helpful. There are also lots of recipes in the back that are great. From her material I made my own Excel sheet that I use to keep track of which foods I have introduced to my baby. I have put it on Google documents for those of you that would be interested. It has been very helpful for me and I can give it to babysitters to show which foods my baby can and can't have. Click here to view. Let me know if you have problems using the document. FYI. I have a new poll on the left hand side of the blog so be sure to vote!


  1. I tried to look at it but it said I didn't have permission to see it. Your much better than I in that area. I just give them whatever. I usually start with the blander foods but I can never deny a child who stares at my ice cream cone :)

  2. Thanks Sandra for the feedback. I redid the link to the document. Try it again and let me know if you can see it. Thanks!

  3. Actually Sandra is right same is happen with me also. Please look in to the document overlyactive.
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