Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Canning Applesauce

My kids love applesauce! My mom and I did some this weekend and my sister in law did more today. It fun to can with other people. After many years of experimentation my mom has got a really slick way to can applesauce so I'd thought I would share.

1. First thing is to find apples. Explore your options before buying them. Check your family, neighbors or drive around and look for trees that have dropping fruit (one of my friends has really good experiences doing this!). They probably would love you to use their apples.
2. Wash and quarter the apples (no peeling or taking out cores is necessary) I do get rid of worm holes.
3. Put them in a steamer/juicer. This is also something you can borrow from family, friends or even your local extension often will lend them out for a dollar a day. By juicing the apples you get two produces, applesauce and juice plus your applesauce won't be runny.
4. Steam apples for about 1 hour. Be sure to put a pitcher to catch the juice that will be draining from the juicer. I put my cardboard table up to the stove to place my pitcher on. In my juicer I get about 2 quarts of juice before the apples are ready to puree.
5. Transfer the apples to a Victoria/Food Strainer (which I got from the DI). You can also rent from the extension office.
6. Puree all the apples and put in your jars with lids. (no sugar necessary)
7. Process your applesauce and apple juice for 20 minutes in a boiling hot water bath.
8. Leave them out on your counter and enjoy the pops of the lids sealing. That's so gratifying to hear! Your kids and husband will love the applesauce without the extra sugar and preservatives the store bought kind has in it.
Applesauce cooling after processing

These are the supplies I use to make applesauce. Most cooking supply stores have them for purchase.


  1. You're so domestic ha ha. I'm excited to see you tomorrow for Lynns Birthday lunch!

  2. Yum, great idea, I will have to try it! (My friend/college roommate Jeana Parker introduced me to your blog. I thought I should tell you that so you wouldn't be weirded out that a stranger is leaving a comment) :)
    I also made applesauce in the Crockpot, it turned out so good. Your blog is fantastic, thank you! Caralee


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