Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Treat or Treat Thoughts

There is a big trend to do "Trunk or Treating" and commercial sponsored treat or treating at the mall or area businesses. Most of these started I think to keep the kids safe. That is wonderful, but unfortunately I think these events can exclude others. I think specifically of our older neighbors who don't like to get out in the dark and cold but would love to see the neighbor kids all dress up. How sad would it be if they got no visitors on a day they look forward to. We have really tried to make an effort to visit these folks with the kids.
Halloween can be a unifying time for communities and neighbors. I really started thinking about this when we left to go to the church trunk or treat one year. As we left the neighborhood I saw a family, of a different faith, just start out on their trick or treating. They were sorely disappointed to find at each door, no one home. I hated to see them left out and feel excluded. Since then we decided to stay home from the trunk or treating. You may also want to include these neighbors by inviting them to the "Trunk or Treat" but some of them don't feel comfortable. Those who live miles away from others, trunk or treating is ideal. But for us who live in a neighborhood, it's not necessary. The other idea we have done is to keep one of the adults home to hand out candy while the other adult goes out with the trick or treaters. Everyone is in a totally different situation with where they live so you have to do what you feel is safe and good for your children. These are just my two cents in my situation.

Here is a few safety points to talk over with your kids before the big day comes.
Cross the street at the corner, make eye contact with drivers, looks both ways before you cross
Walk on sidewalks and face the traffic!
Watch out for cars turning or backing up.
Wear glow sticks, reflective tape, and take a flashlight.
Don't eat your treat until has been inspected by an adult.
Do not enter a home or apartment without an adult.
Plan route with your parents and decide when you will be home.
Wear a watch!
Only visit houses where the lights are turned on.
Dress for the weather even if you can't see your costume as well. The best costumes are those that are built in warmth.
What do you do on Halloween? Take the poll on the home page. Thanks and have a great Halloween!


  1. Our ward does a "Neighborhood" trunk-or-treat & chili cook-off - NOT on halloween day. That way everyone is invited, and kids can still do the traditional trick or treat on halloween.

  2. It is sad about those being left out. Thankfully ours is early at 5, usually done by 6 and that leaves plenty of time to go to others houses. I think others are told about it also, not just LDS members. Hope you have a happy Halloween.

  3. Another reason I am not in favor of the "Trunk or Treat" is it is all about getting as much candy in as little time as possible. Do kids really need that much candy? Seems like this is just one more contributor to the rise of the incidence of childhood obesity, along with poor diet and general lack of exercise. -Devin

  4. Another thought is to be sure your kids do lots of brushing, flossing, and drinking of water in the next few weeks while the kids have lots of candy.
    Fact about Decay! Bacteria are always present in your mouth. When they come in contact with sugar or starch, the byproduct is acid. The acid breaks down the tooth and with eventually cause decay.


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