Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Aftermath

My kids are quite wound up with all the Christmas celebrations and no school for another week. Just a few things we have done to keep them doing productive things:

Make some play dates with school and neighbor friends
Have some cousin play dates
For your boys or girls that are involved with scouts and activity days, Do one activity a day that will help them pass off a requirement.
Have them help you with some household cleaning or projects.
Have a game party (each person picks a favorite game and write their name with their game on a piece of paper. Take turns by pulling out the name out. We had games like hide and go seek, tag, memory, Wii Mario Cart.
Do a puzzle activity and involve the whole family who can participate
The kids got bubble bath for Christmas, on a cold day a nice hot bath is a fun idea.

What kind of things have you done to keep the kids busy over Christmas Break? Share some of your fun activities!


  1. For some reason Jacob has been addicted to duck duck goose. He's so funny to watch. While on break we have played hide and go seek a lot too. The kids like to do it in the dark with their flashlights at night. For bath time it's fun for the kids to paint with colored shaving cream. It sure leaves the bath tub smelling nice :)

  2. I send them outside to play! We still getting used to having a yard and they need to burn energy, so out they go. They also like to build forts. They bring all their blankets and parents' shoes to the front room and build.

  3. Thanks for the ideas! We did get some more time outside, when it's cold I forget that when their bundled up they can still have a great time. They started a snow cave.


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