Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Count Down til Christmas-homemade project

I love advent calendars and so do my kids. I made an advent calendar that is very simple that you can do at home with your kids very easily. You can find the complete file on excel and pdf on sugardoodle.net. Click on the above link to go directly there. It's a chain advent calendar. Simply cut the strips and tape or staple them together in a chain. The fun thing about this calendar is each day their is a task for your children to do to help keep the spirit of christmas in your home. Most of the tasks are services that they can do by themself. It starts December 1st, Enjoy.

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  1. I love advent calendars. My favorite one is one that I got at Hallmark when I worked there. It's a Santa on top of the chimney and everyday you move the board out and he slowly goes down he he. I'll have to check out the sugardoodle one. That sounds like a good idea to have task each day. I love that site.


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