Monday, November 30, 2009

Help me Hannah!

I have a good friend who bought me this book she loves. It is called Hannah Keeley's Total Mom Makeover: The Six-week Plan to completely transform your Home, Health, Family, and Life. (quite the title) Well after staring at the book for a few weeks I finally broke into it last night. It is very well organized with daily tasks 5 out of the 7 days a week for six weeks.
The first day talks about what challenges mothers have today. These are different then the challenges our grandmothers and our mothers had when they were young mothers. We have so many options and choices about what to do, how to do that it is hard to decide. For instance, are we going to work full time, part time, at home, or not at all. Do we keep our kids home for school, send them to charter, private, or public school. The choices we make determines whether we sink or swim. So the first step to becoming a Total Mom according to Hannah is to forget about what you should be doing. There is so many things we should or could be doing that by trying to do all of these things will wear and tear us down. Quite feeling guilty. These feelings will leave us feeling powerless and hopeless.
Hannah challenges us to make a decision to change. Whatever in your live needs changing, commit to start today. Decisions have power behind them. Stop wishing for a nicer home or wishing we were 10 pounds lighter. A true decision comes with a launchpad underneath, like I will take steps to become healthier. Start now!
Each day there are journal entries to write so you can keep track of your progress and do some self reflecting.
Week One, Day One:
1. Things that bug me in my home, health, family and life (any burdens you have been carrying around).
I should have a cleaner and more organized office room: The office room is a disaster. I don't even know where to start.
I should be scrap booking for all my children these cute books that they will treasure in years to come
I should have more room to store my food storage so I can organize the food properly
I should eat less sweets and eat more fruits and veggies, but sometimes I just don't want to
I should be more patient with my children's constant nagging and needing of attention especially when I'm on the phone and driving
(these are really hard things, lets see what Hannah can help with!)
2. My firm decision about this six-week journey
I have decided I want to enjoy being mom more. I want to provide a home that my children feel loved and a place they want to bring home their friends.

Now I'm going to check out the Total Mom Makeover club.

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