Friday, November 6, 2009

Update on Thumbsucking

Pumpkin has been working on stopping her thumb sucking at night and at naps. I really thought we were making some good progress by using band aids. She would come out and show me that she still had her band aids on and she would get a treat. I was so excited that it was working and so simple. Well, as I went to check on her during nap I found she was sucking her thumb with the band aids on. That stinker was getting treats and getting to suck her thumb! =)
Back to a new plan. We put a pair of socks on her hands and then duck tape them. We rip the duck tape in half vertically and then it's not so big. I've used masking tape too and it was fine. This so far has been working pretty well. She has only taken them off one time. If she keeps them on she gets a little treat.

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  1. Ha ha that she was getting away with getting a treat. Danika has not quit completely but I think she is doing great. She only gets her blanket now once every six days and the days she doesn't have it she doesn't suck her thumb. It does take her a longer time to get to bed. We figure we can ease her out of doing it with the blanket instead of just taking the blanket away for good.


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