Thursday, November 19, 2009

Infant Activities

When you have a little one, sometimes it's hard to know what you can help with their development and in bonding with you. Here are some of my favorite games to do with my newborn-two year old babies.
1. Play Pat-a-cake

2. Play Texaco Texaco all the way to Mexico with their legs while they are laying on their back.
Do the Kicks Kicks Kicks, (kick legs one at a time)
Do the Splits, Splits, Splits (open their legs)
Turn a round round round (move their legs in a circular motion)
Get out of town town town (lift both legs up in the air)
I got this from watching my sister-in-law do it to her baby and improvised on the actions.

3. Mirror Play - Talk to her about seeing herself in the mirror (It's fun when they get excited and recognize themselves
4. Peek a Boo
5. Hide a way toys, or books (wrap up a few toys and books in a towel, or bag and place them somewhere your baby will discover it. You can have part of the toy showing to entice them to explore. Great to do this before Christmas and Birthday's so they get a little practice =)
6. Baby Massage --Touch is so important and I have love using massage to help relax my babies before bedtime. Use a little Grape seed oil and massage all their little parts from top to bottom. Just be sure when they get fussy it's time to stop. You want them to enjoy it. There are many books you can get and also a lot of classes. I also found some information on the web. I was lucky to have a trained infant massage instructor teach me with Pumpkin when she was a few months old. We were part of a study that used infant massage everyday. It was really cool.
If you have a favorite activity you like to do with your infants please share.

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