Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sitting by my Babe

When we had our first baby there were a few times when I had to crawl back in the back seat to soothe and calm down our screaming infant.  My husband would jokingly say, "I feel like a cab driver."  I see husband cab drivers all the time.  For the sake of their marriage I hope it's only an occasional event and not routine.  I think it's important to sit by my sweetheart.  For all the hours of the day I spend caring, feeding, dressing, bathing, diapering my children, I think I can let them sit on their own in the car so we can sit together.
I feel the same way at church, concerts, or the movies.  Kids can sit on our lap but I want to sit next to my husband and hold his hand, if possible.  I think children find security seeing their parents show affection and care for each other. Sitting by each other may seem like a small thing that would have no consequence and no matter at all, but sometimes the little things turn into big things.  Little things are often the glue that holds a family and marriage together.

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  1. Your post didn't make me sad. Although thanks for the warning. I've not been able to sit by him for around four years now, I'm used to it. I agree about showing affection. I always new my parents loved each other. There were times they would kiss in the kitchen and we would be "eww...Mom Dad stop" but it was a great sign to us kids of their affection for one another.


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