Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Gifts

The whole Santa thing is so confusing for kids as they see friends, cousins, and others getting way more from Santa then they did.  My mother-in-law was telling us about the kids in Russia who get 1 present from Father Christmas and that is all the presents they open at Christmas.  One thing that I thought was fun is they carry a basket around to family (kind of like our trick or treaters) and get candy from Grandmas, Uncles and Aunts on Christmas.
Christmas is for children.  The magic of Christmas is not in the gifts.  It's the Christmas lights, singing carols together as a family, reading the Christmas Story, making Christmas cookies, delivering treats to neighbors and family, and playing secret Santa.  The magic of Christmas is being with those you love.
Buying gifts just because it's a great sale, can be so tempting.  But is it all that necessary?
I love our sisters idea of giving three gifts like the wise man gave Baby Jesus Three gifts.  She gives one gift for their physical needs, one for spiritual needs, and one for cognitive needs.  This really helps us think outside the box for gift ideas.  Last year for cognitive needs we gave our boys each a fun book of music for their instrument. For spiritual needs we have given church videos, or quiet books they can read during Sacrament, and physical needs, we have given a new outfit, or a new soccer ball.
I've heard of some families doing away with all gifts and giving there Christmas to another family in need or using the money to go on a family vacation.  I think it's great to have an open mind and don't go over board on buying and spending money just because it's "on sale."


  1. Heather, I love these ideas. My husband and I have been having discussions about how we want to do Christmas gifts for Sonja, since this is our first Christmas with a little one. I especially like the 3 gifts for the different needs.

  2. We just have the stockings and one gift that come from Santa. Last year we focused on one family and had the kids pick out toys for each of the kids and put a basket together. I've never heard of the three gift idea, that's pretty fun.


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