Friday, December 9, 2011

Healthy Snacking

So I'm cooking dinner and I'm in the middle with my hands dirty from meat or veggies and it never fails...."Mom I need a snack, I'm so hungry!!!"  It doesn't matter that I tell them we will be eating soon there is always groans, or tantrums, or "I'm going to die, I'm so hungry." comments.  Does anyone else have this problem?
I started doing a few things different that have seemed to help that I thought I would share and then if anyone else does something they like I love some more ideas!

  • First I decided I wanted to have snacks available for them.  So I got a couple baskets and I try to keep it stocked with different things like fruit, bread, nuts, dried fruit, muffins, etc.  
  • I also like to portion these snacks into little snack size Ziploc baggies so it's easy to grab and go if you are heading out the door.  My mom gave me that idea and I love when I have planned ahead and have these ready.  
  • I also try to dedicate a shelf for snacks in the fridge that need refrigeration.  (boiled eggs, cheese, cut vegetables and fruits, bottled fruit, yogurt)--I couldn't take a picture of my fridge because it's cram full of Leftovers from Thanksgiving that we ate this week. 
  • I started "closing" the kitchen an hour before meals and at least an hour after meals.  I want my kids to eat meals and not just snacks all day.  I put too much work into those meals and they better eat up!  =)  

This is my meager attempts and I hope it continues to help the before meal battles.
If you want more ideas for snacking the Mayo Clinic has a great article called, "Healthy Snacks for Kids, 10 childfriendly tips.

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  1. That's a fun idea. I definitely here that EVERYDAY! What is frustrating is when they want a snack two minutes after finishing a meal....common eat more food at dinner if your hungry yeesh.


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