Sunday, December 4, 2011

No more thumb?

This is Pumpkin sleeping today without sucking her thumb.  We have been working on this for a long time.  We have tried many things.  To read my last entry about this click here.   There was some great comments from readers about people including them self who sucked their thumb and their thoughts.   It was written Oct 23, 2009 and I thought we were almost done with the thumb and now here we are two years later and I am really hoping we are done.  She is in Kindergarten and we told the kids that when they turn 5 they can have chewing gum.  I just don't think kids are wise enough to keep it in there mouth before then.  Well she turned 5 and I told her she wasn't ready because she still sucked her thumb.  (Oh, I'm so mean!)  Well, this really got her wanting to do it so she could have gum.  She is working for her own pack of pink, gum tape.  For the last 20 days --maybe more, we have had her wear a large shirt that I sewed the openings up.  Then we use masking tape around the wrists so she can't wiggle her hand up through the shirt.  This is all her own choice.  She is the one that keeps reminding us to tape her shirt.  Once she has not sucked her thumb for 30 days in a row we are taking her to the store for her bubble gum.  The worse day was after she didn't suck her thumb for 25 days in October she took a nap on Sunday and we didn't put on the shirt and so she started sucking her thumb.  I told her how sorry we were but she would have to start over on counting un-sucking days.  She was so upset!  But nevertheless we have continued on the quest and today during her nap at day 20 she didn't wear her shirt and she isn't sucking her thumb!!!
Don't worry, after she is all done we will get more experience and start working with her sister Peanut who is three.  Let's hope the process doesn't take so long.  =)

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