Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Festival of Words

This looks like an amazing fun activity for the whole family!  My kids were stocked about the Hogwarts Hall where there will be a sorting hat, and wand duels.  
Check out their website for all the details at:
When:  March 10, 2012
Where:  Bullen Center (43 S Main St; Logan UT)
Time:  2 PM-6PM for the Festival  7pm for the Milk & Cookies Storytelling
Cost: $1 for the festival and $5 for the evening concert/ or $20 for a family
  • Storytelling from some of Utah’s most beloved storytellers—and a few favorites from outside the state.
  • Dancing: can you dance words? Of course!
  • Singing: The Cache Children’s Choir will be here. Will you?
  • Eating: The winner of “Utahs’ Best Chef” Award, John Simpson (Culinary Concepts) will be here to offer a fun workshop and to serve up food as our food vendor for this event.
  • Poetry & Essay Contest: Poetry! Short and engaging essays! Who could want more?
  • Beat Poetry: featuring some of Utah’s favorite beat poets: it’s poetry performed out loud. Remember to bring your clicking fingers when you hear something you like.
  • Workshops: From Oral History to saying “hello” in seven languages, broaden yourself with some hands-on workshops.
2 pm: Festival Begins!
Ongoing: Hogwarts Hall: Harry Potter Activities such as Wand Duels, Quidditch Tryouts, the Sorting Hat and more!
Ongoing: Kids arts & crafts!
: Gallery (adult and youth artists compete for prizes and create art all about words or about a saying from Poor Richard’s Almanack.
Ongoing: Read poetry and essays from writers young and old who have submitted works to the Poetry & Essay Contest.
: Vendors will be selling a variety of exciting products
Ongoing: Author Tables—find books from local authors. BUY LOCAL–EVEN BOOKS!
2:00 PM: Workshops  •  Performances
3:00 PM:  Workshops  •  Performances
4:00 PM:  Author Shout Out  •  Performances
5:00 PM:  Workshops  •  Performances
7:00 PM: “Milk & Cookies Storytelling”  see website for all the fun storytellers

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