Sunday, March 18, 2012

Soft Bristle Tooth Brush

 Did you know you should only brush with a soft bristled toothbrush?  I had never really thought about it until my husband recently had skin grafts done on his teeth.  Why skin grafts?  Well he bought a hard bristle toothbrush when he moved out of his parents house thinking, "This should clean a lot better!"   Well it might have cleaned well but it also brushed away his gums on some of his molars.  Our dentist has been recommending for a while to do the surgery because he could loose these teeth if we didn't.  So we finally did it.  Not fun at all, it's a pretty intense surgery where they take gum from the top of your mouth and then graft it to the teeth.  He has to be on a liquid diet for a while.  Spread the word, only use a soft bristle toothbrush!   Tell your kids too so when they move out and buy their first toothbrush they won't make the same mistake my husband did.  Click here if you want to read more about choosing a toothbrush.  


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