Sunday, February 5, 2012

5 Simple ways to Create a Lifelong Reader

I think the most important thing our children learn in grade school is to become an effective reader.  If they struggle with reading it can effect the rest of their education.  We are our children's first teacher and our homes is where they begin to learn.  There are simple things we can do as parents everyday to help our children to become lifelong readers.  (Inspired by "Every Child Reading to Read @ your library")  

  1. Sing- Can your child sing the ABC's (As a preschool teacher I have been amazed to know that only half of my preschool children come to school knowing how to sing their ABC's)  This is a simple yet a basic thing you can teach your child.  Other songs such as nursery rhymes folk songs can help with speech and hearing the syllables in words.
  2. Talking--Talk with your child, but more important let them talk to you.  As they say things to you, you can increase their vocabulary by expanding what they say.  example: "Mom, I found money."  You  can expand by saying, "Oh that's neat, that is a penny and it's worth one cent."  
  3. Read Everyday--let your children see you read everyday and then find a special time everyday that you read with them.  Have books readily available to play with and going to the library often will make reading part of your child's life.  
  4. Writing--The Spalding Method book is called "The Writing Road to Reading"  Learning how to correctly form letters from the beginning and learn them with the sound is crucial to developing good writing habits.  When your child in under age 4 it's important to encourage them to write (call their scribbling writing), and draw.   If you have coloring books, crayons, markers and paper available they will be encouraged to create.  This helps their eye-hand coordination and develop their hand muscles.  
  5. Play--Giving lots of playtime that is unstructured will build their imaginations and create stories about what they're doing.  Having dress ups, and puppets that they can create their own stories will enhance their playing time.

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