Monday, February 27, 2012

Overly After School Snacking Revolution

So I have a calendar that I write down all my dinner menus on that I use in the kitchen.  I had the thought a couple weeks ago, I really should plan out our after school snacks because I always revert to the same things and the kids get tired of it and they probably aren't the healthiest.  It's been wonderful for me because it takes the guess work out of it.  We have a time for snacks and then I tell the kids, "The kitchen it closed."  That way they will save some room for dinner.  Here is some of our snacks we have had this month:
Pudding and Pretzels
Cheese and fruit kabobs
muffins and carrot sticks
Ants on a log
cereal and dried fruit mix
Cheese Quesadilas
yogurt and fruit
veggies and nuts
fruit and homemade granola
pretzels and raisins
Fresh fruit
apple crisp served with vanilla yogurt
apples w/ peanut butter
homemade granola bar
oatmeal cookie

Do you have a favorite snack I can add to our list?  We are always looking for something different and healthy.


  1. Heather, I thought you might be interested in a class. The Child and Family Support Center is presenting a Strengthening Families Symposium. It's March 24th from 9-3 at the Copper Mill. The class is free and lunch will be provided. You can register for it at

  2. Had this same thought today! Thanks for posting! I'm totally going to use this list!


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