Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Earthquake Preparedness-Is your family Prepared?

SL Mayor Corroon is encouraging families in Utah to get prepared for a Utah Earthquake.  On April 17th, 2012 Utah will take part of a earthquake drill called Utah Shakeout.  You can participate as a work place, school, day care, scout group, CERT, neighborhood, or with your family.  You register by going to  This will give you information to participate and teach you as well what to do in the case of an earthquake.  So far there are several businesses and schools who are registered to participate.  I think it is a great idea and will register Music Train Preschool as well.  Being prepared is key for survival in a natural disaster and will also provide you as a parent the piece in mind that your children will know what to do.  This short video is bleak but that can be the reality.   I encourage you to take minute to watch and sign up your group/family to participate in Utah's Shakeout!

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  1. That's cool that it will all happen on one day. I'm going to go sign up :)


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